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Zoom Attached Documentation



Type: int?. 
Description : Get or sets level zoom.
Default value : null. 
Remark: Set 0 for normal size. requeried.  If Step greater than MaxStep, Step is assigned to MaxStep. If Step less than 0 Step is assigned to 0.

Type: int.
Description : Gets or sets the Pinch step between original size and MaxSize.
Default value : 35.
Remarks: If MaxStep less than 1 MaxStep is assigned to 1. 

Type: double. 
Description : Gets or sets the maximum font size zoom.
Default value : 0.
Remarks: If MaxSize less than normal size (loaded) MaxSize is assigned to normal size and not perform zoom. Special value 0 assigned MaxSize to 4 X normal size.

Type: double.
Description : Gets or sets the timeout of zoom.
Default value : 0.
Remarks: If manipulation is change the timeout is restarted. 

Type: bool.
Description : Gets or sets the isolate option zoom.
Default value : false.
Remarks: If isolateZoom is true the zoom not reset after other control is "zoom". If IsolateZoom is false, if ohter control is Zoom, the last zoom is reset (original size).

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